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How to choose the right hardwood flooring2019-10-01T14:32:41-06:00

Picking the right hardwood flooring type for you is the first step in your hardwood installation process. There are many things to consider before picking out the perfect hardwood floors for you home! For example, the wood species, the grain, the cost, the color of wood, and so on. Hardwoods Denver can help you select the best option for you! Check out this article for more details about choosing the right hardwood floors!

Are your quotes no obligation?2019-10-01T14:32:51-06:00

Hardwoods Denver offers free quotes and in-home consultations for all hardwood floor installations, repairs, or refinishes!  Our professionals will either come to your home to get you the best estimate on your hardwood floor project or provide a quote over the phone. Whatever is most convenient for you!

Can hardwood flooring be installed in any room?2019-10-01T14:32:58-06:00

Hardwood flooring is great for many rooms in any house! Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and family rooms are great rooms for hardwood flooring! However, rooms that may experience a lot of moisture or humidity are not great choices for hardwood. We would never recommend putting hardwood in bathrooms or laundry rooms due to the high moisture content typically found in these rooms. Click here fore more information about picking the best locations in your home for hardwood flooring.

How durable are hardwood floors?2019-10-01T14:33:05-06:00

Overall, hardwood floors are very durable compared to other flooring types. That being said, hardwood floors can still experience damage over time. It is important to have felt gliders on furniture that is place on hardwood floors to prevent scratches or dents. We recommend that hardwood installed in high traffic areas, such as by the front door, have a rug placed over it to prolong the lifespan and reduce damage. Click here for more information about hardwood durability.

What is best hardwood flooring?2019-10-01T14:33:34-06:00

While there is not necessarily one “best” type of hardwood flooring, the most common wood types are oak, maple, and hickory. In general, these hardwood floors are less expensive than their more exotic counterparts, great for homes with kids and pets, and have a long lifespan. For more detail about each hardwood type listed above, plus more, check out this article!

How long does hardwood floor installation take?2019-10-01T14:33:40-06:00

In general, hardwood floor installation takes about 1 to 2 days. The most common method to install hardwood flooring is to nail down and glue the boards. This is done by nailing the hardwood floor directly to the subfloor with the help of a hammer and Pneumatic nail gun. The entire installation process timeline depends on whether or not the previous floor needs to be removed, the size of the room it is being installed, the number of installers, and type of wood. For more information about the process of hardwood floor installation check out this in-depth article.

What types of wood floors are there?2019-10-01T14:33:46-06:00

There are many types if wood floor types available! However, the most common species are Oak, Maple, and Hickory. Other exotic types of wood floors include Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Teak, and Santos Mahogany. Hardwoods Denver can help you select the best wood type for you! Check out this article that goes over various types of wood.